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Pasteurized Bufala Milk
Pasteurized Bufala Milk
Pasteurized Bufala Milk
Pasteurized Bufala Milk


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Whole Wheel Approx. 7lb  (15% Discount)

Legend buffalo cheese is is another of our latest developments. It is a cheese made from buffalo milk , sort of bóvido Southwest Asia. (known for the Mozzarela)

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To produce one Kilo cheese Búfala only 10 liters of milk are required (in the case of cow's milk, takes 15 liters per kilo of cheese) because it is a milk that has many more protein and less water than cow.

Among the varieties of buffalo cheese there, our cheese comes within range "Soft buffalo". A different and surprising flavor for your palate.

1 Reviews

a revelaiton
this cheese is incredibly good! a must try!

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