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LC Leeks of Navarra in Glass
LC Leeks of Navarra in Glass
LC Leeks of Navarra in Glass

LC Leeks of Navarra in Glass

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These are grown near our facilities in Winter when the cold converts them into a fine and sweet delicacy.
Naturally preserved so that they arrive at the table as if they were freshly cooked. See below.

205g/7.2oz Drained Wt
Leeks, water, salt, acidulant: citric acid, and antioxidant: ascorbic acid
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The vegetables from La Catedral de Navarra boast an outstanding and refined flavour.

The secret lies in the rich fertile soil, thanks to the extreme temperatures and abundant rainfall, typical of the Navarrese Ebro valley. Here, nature endows us with her delicious produce. And we preserve it for the most discerning palates.

La Catedral de Navarra is the outcome of the firm commitment of the Sainz family, having dedicated more than 70 years to the business of canned vegetables, and their dedication to quality and respect for natural products.

Research carried out by this brand focuses on preserving the flavour and texture of the recently harvested vegetables. The products are elaborated and preserved immediately on arrival from the field, and each step of the process is intended to safeguard their full authentic flavour.

In La Catedral de Navarra we supervise, carefully and closely, each step of the process. We select the best land for the crops, always in the vicinity of our plant. We choose the best produce for the most passionate connoisseurs of gastronomy. We carry out strict quality controls, both our own and for the different denominations of origin to which our most emblematic products belong. We make much of our designs so that they measure up to the raw material we offer.


Espárrago de Navarra

The Esparrago de Navarra (Asparagus of Navarre) has been protected by a Specific Designation since 1986 and Protected Geographical Indication since 2003. These bodies were created to protect the crops of the Ebro riverbanks from productions from other origins, and guarantee the end consumer compliance with strict quality standards.

Piquillo de Lodosa

The Designation of Origin was created in 1987 and includes eight municipalities: Lodosa, Mendavia, Andosilla, Azagra, Carcar, Lerin, San Adrian and Sartaguda. It protects and controls the cultivation and production of the "piquillo" variety of peppers, autochthonous of Navarra, in these locations under strict quality controls.

Alcachofa de Tudela

The Alcachofa de Tudela (artichoke of Tudela) Protected Geographical Indication was registered in the European register on the 9th October 2001, although the Quality Designation had already existed since 1988 for fresh produce. The geographical production area includes 33 locations on the Navarre Riverbank area.

Organic Crop

La Catedral de Navarra has more and more organic crops, thanks to which it has obtained the European certification for these products. This stamp guarantees practices such as crop rotation, strict limits in the use of chemicals or the cultivation of autochthonous varieties.

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