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Spanish Bay Leaves Carmencita - 1

Spanish Bay Leaves

2 Reviews

A traditional ingredient in Spanish cuisine. Stews, stocks, brines, fowl, fish, etc. Carmencita bay leaf, whole or ground, will be useful in many of your recipes.

Net Weight: 0.28oz/8gr

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Did you know that...?

The ancient Greeks and Romans awarded their poets, athletes, and warriors with a laurel wreath in honor of Apollo, who represented wisdom and heroism. Today we use the term "laureate" referring to a person who has received a prize or award; and for example, the term "bachelor" comes from the Latin baccalaureus, which means bay leaf.

2 Reviews

Very Flavorful Bay Leaf
Best dried bay leaf I've tasted...rich in flavor.

real laurel
the laurel in the US is very dry and small, however this one is imported from Spain, so it is bigger and fresher, a must buy

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