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Saffron Threads
Saffron Threads
Saffron Threads
Saffron Threads

Saffron Threads in glass 1gr-Antonio Soto

1 Reviews

Saffron, our greatest treasure, with all the aroma and flavor of Spanish cooking. You can make this exclusive spice an indispensable ingredient in all your dishes. We are Saffron importers worldwide.

Azafrán en Hebras-Antonio Soto
Net Weight: 03oz-1gr 

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It is a bulbous and perennial plant which belongs to the Iridaceae family. The flower characterizes for having an intense purple color, and the stamens are yellow, and there are three red stigmas. These stigmas are joined to the base of the flower by the style and once removed, toasted and dried become what we know as saffron. To conclude, the saffron must be kept in a dry place and protected from the light.

100% natural dried and toasted saffron.
1 Reviews

the golden ingredient
saffron is just amazing it gives the food that special taste

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