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Hot Paprika
Hot Paprika
Hot Paprika
Hot Paprika
Hot Paprika
Hot Paprika

Hot Paprika 75g Chiquilin

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The paprika from Chiquilín is the result of drying and grinding the peppers, from the grinding of ripe fruits healthy and clean of pepper C, so it will provide very special nuances of flavor and color to your kitchen, either as a condiment or as decoration for some dishes.
Pimentón Picante 100% natural product. 


Introduced in Spain by Columbus, Paprika is a very rich condiment in nutrients and antioxidants which have numerous benefits such as stimulating the appetite, facilitating digestion and regulating cholesterol.


This red powder sprinkled raw is the essential ingredient of many typical Spanish dishes such as La Rioja potatoes, Galician octopus, patatas bravas or smoked lacón.
In addition, it can be served cooked to add more flavor to sauces such as Mojo Picon, sautés and stews.

Net Weight: 2.64oz
Dried and smoked peppers.
1 Reviews

give life to your food
if you want to give some life to your food this is the key to it.

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