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Marcona Almonds Raw Blanched  - 1
Marcona Almonds Raw Blanched
Marcona Almonds Raw Blanched  - 1

Marcona Almonds Raw Blanched

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Almendras de Marcona Naturales 
Delicious when served with a cold beer and olives in Summer, or with any appetizer at any other time of the year. The almond is rich in proteins, and in addition, it is one of few sources of vegetable proteins that it contains arginine, an essential amino acid for the children.

It is the most prized variety, unique in its taste and quality. Exquisite rounded fruit flavor, appearance and quality to be used as a snack in different ways (roasted, fried, salted)


16oz/454g - Large Size 14-16
Peeled almonds, water, and salt.
1 Reviews

Raw Marcona Almonds
I tried this almonds and they are really good, next time I am buying this ones and the toasted ones too

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