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Goat Milk Cheese W/Wine 200g
Goat Milk Cheese W/Wine 200g
Goat Milk Cheese W/Wine 200g
Goat Milk Cheese W/Wine 200g
Goat Milk Cheese W/Wine 200g

Goat Milk Cheese W/Wine 200g

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Pressed paste cheese made from pasteurised pure goat milk.
Inmersed in red wine for 48-72 hours.

Curing time: about 1 month.

Queso Cabra al Vino Rocinante
0,44lb. / 200 g.


  • Suitable for celiacs. This product is gluten free.


Outside: Rind treated with red wine under the Denomination of Origin of La Mancha and with a zigzag pattern imprinted on the side, called the 'pleita', and a wheat ear pattern on the top and bottom sides called the 'espiga'.
Inside: firm and compact, ivory in colour, with irregular granular holes/eyes.
Texture Semisoft and elastic, something unctuous and melting on the palate.
Aroma Soft and pleasant aroma with goat bottoms and fruity character that confers the red wine of its rind.
Pairing Nuts and toasted hazelnuts. Perfect pairing with a delicious and very cold glass of Cava Brut.
Consumption The cheese should be left to warm to a temperature of nearly 16º C before serving, as it is best eaten at this temperature.


Energy Value

385 Kcal / 1609 KJ


32,9 g

of which are Saturates

23,7 g


0,86 g

of which is Sugar

0,75 g


21,4 g


1,53 g

0,44lb. / 200 g.
100% Pasteurized goat’s milk, salt, rennet, cheese cultures, calcium chloride, dipped in red wine.
May contain traces of
Milk Egg Sulfitos
1 Reviews

perfect manchego cheese
just like the cheeses I eat when I go back home to Spain

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