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Paella Coloring 65gr Carmencita - 1
Paella Coloring 65gr
Paella Coloring 65gr Carmencita - 1

Paella Coloring 65gr

2 Reviews
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Colorante Alimenticio
Add an unmistakable golden colour to your rice dishes with Carmencita's yellow food colouring.


Did you know that...?

The use of yellow food colouring became very popular in Spain as a substitute for saffron, an ingredient that, during the lean years, was inaccesible to most families. Contrary to what most people may think, this yellow food colouring only adds colour to rice dishes, stews or desserts, but no flavour at all.

Uses: All kinds of rice dishes, stews and sauces.

Dosage: A teaspoon is enough for 8 servings.

Net Weight: 2.29oz/65g
Corn flour, colour (tartrazine E-102, 14%) and salt. E-102
2 Reviews

a must have
if you want to make the real traditional paella this is the colorant that we use there too

el mejor colorante para la paella

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