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White Asparagus
White Asparagus
White Asparagus
White Asparagus
White Asparagus
White Asparagus


White Asparagus D.O. Bajamar

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Espárrago blanco D.O. Navarra
Authentic white asparagus spears from Navarre, of great quality, under the P.G.I. Asparagus from Navarra, which guarantees exquisite taste and texture.

Spaniards consider white asparagus a delicacy, and they devour it whenever it is served.
(17/24 count)

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White asparagus are very delicate in texture and flavor. It´s planted and covered with dirt, so the shoots retain their white color.
This requires quite a bit of manual labor to harvest.Most of our production Asparagus from Navarra, comes from our own fields, which with specially designed planting frames, and a rigorous field control, provide an IGP Navarra asparagus with the highest quality.
“Our goal is to facilitate consumer’s balance diet, based on the traditional Navarre and Spain cuisine, as a part of the Mediterranean Diet.”
A new Mediterranean Diet for a new consumer, increasingly aware of the importance of a balanced diet.
Net Weight: 780g. 27.5oz Can
Asparagus, water, salt, and citric acid.
1 Reviews

a great add
great add to your salads

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