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Magno Bath Bar (2 Pack)
Magno Bath Bar (2 Pack)

Magno Bath Bar (2 Pack)

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Magno Bath Bar (2 Pack) 3.52oz ea. / 100g cada una

The classic black and white foam soap with exclusive perfume market. Try and find a smooth, creamy soap that cares and softens your hands with a unique fragrance, unique in the world.


In the 50s Spain falls squarely in the era of the image. Cosmetic manufacturers sell bottle magic and glamor . La Toja 's response is immediate. In 1955 the Magno Soap , soap as the first black ebony producing snow white foam appears . It is a soap with a fragrance and exotic universal acceptance .
Everything about it is different: its oval shape, black color, its smell, its softness and its white and rich lather . Great, the most exclusive line of La Toja , is characterized by the strong personality of its distinctive fragrance, which makes the daily body care is a pleasure.
Now 58 years that the cosmetics market in Spain witnessed the birth of a genuine scoop ago: Magno soap , soap as the first black ebony producing white foam as snow. Its universal acceptance and exotic fragrance and its oval shape, its softness and its abundant white foam was the delight of all who tasted it and it is the essence of permanent success over the years .
While this was the first brand product Magno appeared on the market in 1979 also marked a high point with the launch of the Magno Gel which won wide acceptance among consumers seeking cosmetic innovations to adapt to the needs of times. Still continuing the advancement of a brand that has been built up over the years , in 1981 launched the Magno deodorant spray in two versions vento classic and Spray , keeping both exclusive and permanent fragrance Magno.

1 Reviews

incredible smell
my wife really likes the smell of this and she came up with a way to make our clothes smell just like it (she puts one of this bars inside a sock that doesn't have a matching sock and then put it inside our closet)

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