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La Toja Bath Gel
La Toja Bath Gel

La Toja Bath Gel

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La Toja Bath Gel 20fl oz

Gel with you work out Mineral of Thermal Water. " It hydrates and Enriches the Skin "

Original Spanish La Toja Gel de Sales, just as you remembered it. No fragrance compares.


La Toja shower gel is made with mineral salts from the thermal spring on the island of La Toja situated at the Galician coast. These salts give La Toja it's unique properties which helps keeps the skin hydrated. You will love the smelling of this shower gel, it is something really special & people that have tried it, remember its smelling perfectly.


La Toja

Over 100 years of history

Legend has it that the discovery of the springs of La Toja Island accident happened . A priest on the island left his sick ass to spend his last days. Later he returned to the island and was surprised to see healthy , happy and shiny hair with animal for having wallowed in the waters of the island. This story began to pass from mouth to mouth, arousing interest in these unique waters. So it was decided to open a patron in 1899 the first spa of La Toja.

For its quality , sophistication and glamor, his fame grew and crossed borders . Therefore, it became interesting to tourists from around the world who came to enjoy those waters rich in sodium, calcium , iron and magnesium offer. These visitors were those who wanted to bring home the benefits of these waters , giving rise to the Sales of La Toja, allowing them to benefit from the thermal properties of the island even thousands of miles away .

In early 1900 took important personal hygiene , and soap became the real star of the toilet. Accompanying this revolution , in 1904 released his first La Toja soap with all the benefits of its mineral salts. A product that in its early years , it became an event that crossed borders to international acclaim . Therefore advertising La Toja of that time spoke to a "unique in the world" soap.

In the early '20s , cosmetics and perfumes are no longer just for a few and become accessible to all. Here's how La Toja begins to expand its range of hygiene products and cosmetics that had the benefits of the salts of La Toja Island . In 1934 , with the introduction of perfumery, started growing our factory to meet the growing demand of the time .

In the years of the war and its aftermath , beauty and cosmetics are no longer priority for consumers. They look for products that help them in health. And accompanying this change Toja demonstrating the therapeutic benefits provided hygiene with your soap with mineral salts. Also at this time the peak product of La Toja shaving begins.

Overcome these difficult times , with the return of prosperity come new habits. People do not buy products for their properties , but also its image and the sensations that they convey . Cosmetics manufacturers sell magic and glamor. And La Toja meets this need with the launch of Soap Magno ; the first black as ebony soap that produces a white foam as snow. This is just one step in the modernization of La Toja , which also launches a new cologne that will accompany Spanish households for decades .

The enormous cultural changes of the 60s were also reflected in the cosmetics , the ideal of beauty was transformed . And La Toja opened a second factory in La Coruña to launch new products that accompany the changing needs of consumers. In the 70s , La Toja decide to wean spa activities of industrial and creates La Toja Cosmetics SA

1975 is a year full of changes . In addition to the year of the return of democracy to our country , it is also declared universal Year of the Woman , and the beginning of the full entry of women in the workplace. Times change, habits change . In the world of hygiene; shower gel and earn their space. Therefore, the first shower gel Magno appears in 1979 with great success and public acceptance. In the 80s , ecological consciousness arises . A new generation about the environment and nature is concerned . La Toja is ahead of its time and launch a new generation of products with natural materials manufactured at the new plant Culleredo , in A Coruña.

In the 90s , the world continues its progress against the 2000 . Europe becomes a reality, not only politically but also commercially. Here's how La Toja became part of Henkel Cosmetics , which later became Schwarzkopf & Henkel . Change owners , but do not change the manufacture or brand philosophy linked to hydrotherapy. It is another step to improve and modernize the brand distribution according to changing times .

With the advent of the new millennium , the culture of spas and spa takes hold. More than 2,000 medicinal mineral springs , waters make Spain a benchmark for its quantity and variety of springs and spas.

In 2011 , La Toja reaffirms this commitment Hydrotherapy launching a full range of cosmetic products inspired by the SPA . Products for the hair and body that allow millions of consumers to live a daily spa experience in the comfort of their homes.

1 Reviews

the smell of la toja
My bathroom and I smell so good after I shower with this soap, definitely the best

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