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Oleoestepa EVOO D.O. Estepa 1L


Oleoestepa EVOO D.O. Estepa 1L

1 Reviews

A wise combination of the varieties grown in the regio with an excellent organoleptic result, with green olive fruitiness and hints of ripe olive; very fresh but delicate. Aromas of freshly cut grass, with pleasant hints of almond. On the palate, avour of green olive leaf, Apple and green almond, with an elegant balance of bitterness and pungency. This extra virgin combines very well with all dishes, especially red salads with tomatoes, pomegranates and beetroot, and rice salads. Highly recommended for fine confectionary.

Early Harvest - Cold extracted - Allergen-free

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  • This product comply with all strict policy of kosher food laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality.


· 3rd Place Mario Solinas 2016. Internation Olive Council (IOC). Category mild fruitiness.
· 3rd Place Mario Solinas 2015. Internation Olive Council (IOC). Category mild fruitiness.
· 3rd Place Mario Solinas 2014. Internation Olive Council (IOC). Category mild fruitiness.
· 1st Place Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the province of Seville. Council of Seville. 2000-16 harvests.

This extra virgin olive oil is the choice for professional chefs for its high versatility. It can be used for frying, in stews, for the preparation of creams and cold soups like gazpacho or used to pickle food.
It has a fruity green olive aroma with slight hints of ripe olives, olive leaves and grass. In the mouth it has a low but and well balanced spice and bitterness.

34floz/1L (plastic bottle)
1 Reviews

Great Hojiblanca
A good oil to add to your plates

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