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Hacienda Guzman EVOO Arbequina 500ml
Hacienda Guzman EVOO Arbequina 500ml
Hacienda Guzman EVOO Arbequina 500ml

Hacienda Guzman EVOO Arbequina 500ml

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Variety: Arbequina. 
Tasting note: Intense fruit flavor, with hints of aromatics herbs and green unripe fruits. Highlights in the mouth include banana and nuts, particularly almonds.
Uses: White meat, white fish, fruits, ice cream, and salads.



HG Arbequina Family Reserve comes from early harvest olives and has an intense fruitiness with a combination of nuances from aromatic herbs and green fruits. The green hues are already present on the nose, with fresh notes of grass and tomato. On the palate, it is defined as an oil that is low in bitterness and medium spiciness, with hints of nuts, especially green almond, and a pleasant banana aromatic background. An oil that delights us with its soft and fruity taste of the most select olives of the Arbequina variety. A mild and aromatic oil of medium intensity. Its aroma and flavour contain nuances of apple, banana and almond. Extra virgin olive oil with 0.2 degrees acidity. To obtain a litre of our HG RF Arbequina, we need 7.5 kilos of olives selected previously and harvested in the best conditions.

Hacienda Guzmán is the experience of enjoying selective Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is the result of the work and wisdom of a family dedicated to oil for more than four generations.
All the production at Hacienda Guzman takes place in an olive farm from the 16th century, where a strict production process limits the output to produce a limited edition of 10.000 bottles.
We are cautious in the preparation of olive oil; it has high standards due to the meticulous selection of the fruit which makes olive oil experience in itself.
One can enjoy the exclusive chamomile type of olive with our Family reserve and the most natural blend of our Hacienda Guzman Organic.

1 Reviews

Good for Pantumaca
A friend of mine showed me how to do Pantumaca and this oil is just what that bread needs

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