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Olive Bowl  Alfareria Corzana - 1
Olive Bowl
Olive Bowl  Alfareria Corzana - 1
Olive Bowl

Olive Bowl

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Olive Bowl 18cm  7.08"

Terra Cotta is one of the oldest and most durable materials used to make cookware.
It requires only a minimum of care and should bring you years of trouble-free cooking and beautiful presentation.

Use with ovens, microwaves, gas cooktops, electric cooktops, dishwashers.


1 Reviews

olives tapa plate
you can find this in almost every household in Spain, the best way to serve a olives tapa

By extracting the clay from our own quarry, we achieve complete traceability of the product. These clays have optimum qualities for handling, firing and use in cooking, due to their 100% refractory nature. 

Three Generations

A work that has been passed from parents to children and grandchildren with one hundred years of experience in the pottery sector and more than thirty years of exporting to different countries.

Hermanos Padilla guarantees the correct manufacture and quality of the elements that make up our products. All the clays and materials used in the manufacture are 100% refractory and of natural origin. As for the composition of the glazes used, they do not contain lead or cadmium. 

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