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White Tuna Pate
White Tuna Nape Cuts in Olive Oil
White Tuna Pate

White Tuna Nape Cuts in Olive Oil

1 Reviews

The neck of the Spanish white tuna is one of the emblematic products of the company. The most select slices and fillets from the top of the tuna, close to the head and known as the cogote, is cut by hand and is a product of special juiciness, filleted and hand-packed.

We use only Bay of Biscay tuna processed fresh during the summer campaign, to offer you a product of unparalleled flavour.

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115 g
White tuna (Thunnus alalunga), olive oil and salt.
1 Reviews

viva el atun de españa
el atun aqui en los angeles no me gusta nada, pero nada nada, gracias a dios que he encontrado una tienda como la española que trae productos autenticos porque ya me veia el resto de mi vida sin comer atun. Muy buen sabor, sobre todo para bocadillos o salsas.

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