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White Tuna in Olive Oil

White Tuna in Olive Oil

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White Tuna in Olive Oil : TORRES selects the finest white tuna, Thunnus alalunga, choosing only specimens weighing between 6 and 10 kilograms. They are fished using the age-old art of "rod and line" fishing in the Cantabric sea.

Weigh: 400g


Fishing period:  September and October.

Production:  Artisan process with traditional methods: When arriving at the port they are cleaned with abundant water, thus avoiding the acquisition of strange color, the tuna is afterwards cooked.  Then, the cooked pieces are boned and their skins carefully removed.  After this process only the fillets are used and are introduced in glass containers with olive oil, they will finally undergo the sterilisation process.

Ingredients: White Tuna filets, Olive Oil and Salt.

Weigh: 400g
1 Reviews

white tuna
this tuna tastes amazing, there is not comparison with the soggy chunk tuna that you can find here at the grocery store, this is real tuna

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