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Pate de Bonito White Tuna Pate
Pate de Bonito White Tuna Pate

Pate de Bonito White Tuna Pate

1 Reviews

Pate de Atun

Prepared in a handcrafted manner and without additives.

The line of select fish and shellfish pates has been one the most successful in the market.

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White Tuna (70%), buttermilk protein, powdered eggs, peppers, natural spices, and salt.
1 Reviews

Tuna Pate
When I was living in Spain I would always eat Pate La Piara which is the most amazing pate in spain, I went to La española not long ago and I found this tuna pate, I bought it just to try it out and omg this pate tastes so good that it melts in my mouth!

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