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Losada Whole Zarzoleña Olives Gallon
Whole Zorzaleña Olives by Losada
Losada Whole Zarzoleña Olives Gallon

Whole Zorzaleña Olives by Losada

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Gallon Jar

Harvested in October or November, when the fruit has reached half of its ripeness, therefore a very wide range of brown colors.
Fermented with water and salt, this variety stands out because of its firm skin and because although it has a slightly thready texture, it is still crunchy.
Olive tree famous for being very robust with strong roots; this is why it has historically been used to graft other varieties.

Zorzaleña trees are found along small paths in rural areas, this is why it is known as wild variety


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The wild olive The name Zorzaleña originales lrom the local 'Zorzales' wild birds, which leed on the mature olives found in Western Andalucía.
In Andalucía, it is usual to tind these olives trees growing in wild paths away from the crowds. That's why we call the Zorzaleña variety 'the wild olive'. Zorzaler'ia olive trees are known for their strength and vigour; for decades, the Zorzaleila has been used to graft weaker varieties, taking advantage of its strong roots. Because of this process, Zorzaler'ia olives are rare and it is not common to find fields of Zorzaler'ia plantations.
This wild attribute, as well as its strength as an olive tree, are also part of its characteristic flavour. The strong flesh and hard skin, alongside a characteristic acidity point, remind us of its wild spirit and gives us an autllentic olive flavour and notes of naturalness in this unique variety.
Although this variety has an unusual production process, it is one al the heirlaom varieties that Losada is recovering with new plantations. Remember !he name. Unique things are often difficult to discover.

Unique things are often difficult to discover.

For over 50 years, Aceitunas Losada has produced table olives in Carmona, Spain, near Seville. The family-owned company, controls the entire process from hand-harvest in their own groves to curing. The current generation owners are siblings, Luis and Maria Losada, who have focused on resurrecting forgotten olive varieties and returning to traditional natural curing methods. Growers and Producers of Spanish Olives.

Losada Olives - en from Aceitunas Losada on Vimeo.

Drained Wt 5 lb 3oz/2.35 kg
Net Wt 8.5 lb/3.85 kg
Whole Zorzalena Olives, Water and Salt. Citric Acid, Lactic Acid and Ascorbic Acid
May contain traces of
Pits or Pit Fragments
1 Reviews

perfect size for stablishments
I own my restaurant and I always come to La Española to get the olives from them because they have the best prices and the best quality

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