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Green Peper Grinder
Green Peper Grinder
Green Peper Grinder

Green Peper Grinder

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A selection of green peppercorns dried in the sun to preserve their natural qualities.
Green pepper is characterized by a mild, sweet and fruity aroma similar to that of clove, although more spicy. Its flavor is less strong than that of black pepper

Adjustable grinder

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How to use: Turn the jar over onto the food you want to season, and grind the content until you have the desired amount.
Freshly ground flavors.
Grind before serving to add all its aroma and flavor to salads, fish, meat and all kinds of other dishes.
Keep in a cool and dry place.

Net Weight: 1.06oz/30g
green pepper
1 Reviews

I highly recommend it
This green pepper tastes way better than regular pepper, it tastes fresher than regular pepper.

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