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White Bean "Judión"

La Catedral Dried White Judion Beans 1/2Kg

2 Reviews

Judion La Catedral
Net Weight: 1.1lb

The main characteristic of butter bean is its large size, its thin skin, and its tender texture: although it melts easily in the mouth, it keeps firm in the casserole.

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It is delicious with meat, fish or seafood.

2 Reviews

I've been looking for these beans for awhile, and finally found them in a small Spanish market. They're delicious. creamy and filling. I presoaked them overnight, then cooked them in my Instant Pot on the bean setting with some onions, a bay leaf and some stock. They were delicious. I'm going to order them directly from this site next time to save me a trip to the speciality market.

This are the beans that my grandma used to go her famous stews and every time I buy them I can remember those old times

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