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CAVIAROLI Encapsulated EVOO with Lemon 200G

CAVIAROLI Lemon juice 220gr

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Encapsulado de Jugo de Limon

The new CAVIAROLI product made with lemon juice and lemon essential oil is fresh, citrus and its flavor will surprise everyone.
Lemon pearls that explode releasing freshness. Inside they have another sphere of lemon that multiplies the intensity. Unique, fresh and powerful Sbor, as well as a soft and velvety texture.
Pearls 7-8 millimeters in diameter.
Ideal to combine in all kinds of salads and vegetables. Elaborations with seafood. To give an acid or citrus touch in sauces and in Mexican cuisine.

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Founded in 2011 CAVIAROLI was created to produce and deliver the first olive oil encapsulated pearls. Allowing the chefs around the world to use a highly complex ingredient in their day to day. Born from the collaboration with Ferran Adrià and all of the elBulli team CAVIAROLI products were design to meet the highest quality standards.

CAVIAROLI is a taste explosion that absorbs the intensity and aroma found in top-quality olive oils with protected designation of origin. This is achieved through encapsulation technology, creating pearls of olive oil that have the same texture as caviar. CAVIAROLI melts in the mouth, allowing diners to enjoy a delicate serving of pure olive oil before it blends in with the dish's other ingredients. CAVIAROLI's tone depends on the source material used, which leaves its mark on each of the varieties.

CAVIAROLI products can be use in any dish where you can use the raw products for our pearls. You can use them to add the taste of the oil to a canapé or tapa where’s impossible to add it because will spill. You can add a touch of wasabi flavor without compromising the entire dish or bring the acidity of the vinegar to a strawberry ice cream with the Modena pearls. We work to bring the best possible products to the best kitchens and provide an honest ready to use ingredient to honest chefs.

Melting temperature. CAVIAROLI can stand up to 65ºC for at least 10 minutes without melting. Exposure to high temperatures + 45ºC for prolonged periods of time can cause its degradation, so it is very important not to store it close to heat sources.

CONSERVATION Store between 10 ºC and 26 ºC. in a cool, dry place and away from sources of heat, light and strong odours. Once opened, keep covered in its own oil and store refrigerated. Avoid freezing. Before use, turn the jar over a few times to release all the aroma. Once opened, it should be consumed within 4 weeks.
Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, natural extract of lemon, water, sugar, sodium alginate, maltodextrin, lemon essential oil, xanthan gum, calcium lactate, ascorbic acid and press (Potassium sorbate)
1 Reviews

Super Tasty
I honestly love this product, I love lemon and I use it a lot in my plates, and this just makes it way easier for me to add that lemon touch to my plates
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