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Flat Dinner Plate 12" - 31 cm Alfareria Corzana - 1

Flat Dinner Plate 12" - 31 cm

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Flat Dinner Plate or Serving Dish ALFARERIA CORZANA
12" - 31 cm

It requires only minimal care and should bring you years of trouble-free cooking and beautiful presentation.


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Before Use
Before using for the first time, keep the pot submerged in warm water for 3 hours.

Simmer for a continuous and gradual transfer of heat.

Use with ovens, microwaves, gas cooktops, electric cooktops, dishwashers.

1 Reviews

great bbq plate
if you are having a bbq this is the plate you want to use to put the meat once is out of the grill. Durable and easy to clean.

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