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Polvorones I.G.P.
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Polvorones Christmas Cookies I.G.P....
Polvorones Christmas Cookies I.G.P....
Polvorones I.G.P.

Polvorones Christmas Cookies I.G.P. 1.1lb by E.Moreno

Individually wrapped Bulk “A Granel." Price by  1.1Lb

Mantecados are traditional Christmas sweets that originated in Estepa in the 16th Century. The recipe has essentially remained the same since then. E. Moreno produces the finest quality Mantecados with "Protected Geographic Indication" (I.G.P.) designation as granted by the European Union.

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Difference between mantecado and polvorón

The mantecados may or may not contain almonds, ground, chopped or whole. Polvorones always contain almonds in their composition.
In mantecado the wheat and almond flours (if any) are not toasted. The sugar used is granillo and egg or egg whites are also commonly used.
On the other hand, in powders the flours, both wheat and almond, must always be roasted before processing. Sugar is icing and does not contain eggs or whites in its composition. These characteristics are what makes the powder crumble when we touch it and when we squeeze it with our hands it amalgamates again.

Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable shortening, sesame, cinnamon (0.57%) and antioxidant (Butylated Hydroxyanisole).
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