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Marzipan Assortments PGI Mazapán de...
Marzipan Assortments PGI Mazapán de...
Marzipan Assortments PGI Mazapán de...

Marzipan Assortments PGI Mazapán de Toledo 200g by Peces

50% almonds and 50% sugar.Protected Geographical Indication Mazapán de Toledo

Typical Toledo marzipan (mazapan) figurines of superior quality and made with at least 50% Spanish almonds. The grinding process of this mazapan dough is still done using granite rolling pins as in ancient times. This produces a dough that preserves the wonderful aroma of almonds.

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Variety of the different products that we elaborate. they emphasize the products made with paste of marzipan and egg: figurines of marzipan; marzipan with filling (empanadas, tocinitos, pasteles yema and pasteles gloria); and our specialties: the marquesas, the pastes of almond and the empiñonados. It gives a touch of distinction to products bathed in chocolate, such as portions of natanuez and lingolates and cocolates. Mazapanes

Peces is a family business located in the Toledan city of Consuegra. Since 1915, our family has been dedicated to the traditional production of marzipan and Christmas sweets.
Following the traditional recipes of our ancestors and using the best raw materials, all our products are of high quality and handcrafted.
We have a great variety of different products, based on marzipan from Toledo in which tradition and innovation come together. 
Protected Geographical Indication Mazapán de Toledo

Almond, Sugar, glucose syrup, One whole egg, Egg yolk, Egg white, candied spaghetti squash, Pine nuts, Sweet potato filling, Strawberry jam, Chocolate covering, Coconut, Chocolate and Hazelnut paste, Condensed milk, Walnut, Milk powder, Cream (Vegetable-based paste), Fondant Syrup, Sugar Inverted, Orange aroma, soy lecithin, Cream of tartar, pectin, sorbic acid preservative and Acidulant citric acid.
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