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Sheep's Milk Cheese Young EL VALLE Mini
Sheep's Milk Cheese Young EL VALLE Mini

Sheep's Milk Cheese Young EL VALLE Mini

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Queso Tierno de Oveja El Valle MINI 
($14.45 lb.)
Whole Wheel approx. 2lb -900g

Creamy texture cheese. Mild flavor, with a special sweetness and subtle aromas reminiscent of fresh grass and caramel. of fresh grass and caramel. Enchanting on the palate. Cheese made with Pasteurized Milk Ripening: Tender Cheese matured 7 days.

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  • Suitable for celiacs. This product is gluten free.


They are very appropriate as a complement to salads and pasta dishes. They also combine very well with smoked products and traditional manchego-style (fried breadcrumbs). They make a perfect accompaniment for snacks or appetizers with dried fruit to or walnuts, almonds,...

 Region: Ciudad Real.

(Queso puro de oveja) A semi-firm, well-developed sheep's milk cheese. Not too strong, buttery & slightly piquant, with a sheep milk aftertaste.

EL VALLE - Valley of Almodovar, in the province of Ciudad Real.

Traditional Spanish semi-soft cheese. Elaborated with the best fresh milk from the pastures of La Mancha, combining ancient tradition with modern technology. The result is a cheese rich in content, with a fine & mildly piquant flavor. Wonderful as a snack with fresh bread or in salads, and delicious when melted in the oven over elegant food or with a full bodied red wine.

Sheep's milk, salt, calcium chloride (E-509), lactic ferments chloride (E-509), lactic ferments, rennet and egg lysozyme. Inedible rind.
Once the tasting is finished, cover the cut with a film or paper for food use.
1 Reviews

El Valle Cheese
This is a very good cheese

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