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Cheese-making in Spain is a tradition which goes back hundreds of years. However, in spite of the technical and industrial advances, the element of craftsmanship has never been lost in the production process. Of course to go with your cheese-tasting, we recommend that you choose any of the wines produced in the vineyards in our country. You will discover an ideal combination.
When you try Spanish cheese, you’re bound to want some more. It’s impossible to resist. If you wish, take some home with you as a souvenir or as a gift for friends and family; they’re sure to love you for it.

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Queso de Nata D.O.P Queso de Nata D.O.P 2
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This creamy cow’s milk cheese is easy to melt, great for stuffing and exceptional with fish dishes.The flavor is buttery and slightly bitter. 1/4 Wheel Aprox. 1.54 lb 1/2 Wheel Aprox. 3,08 lb (10% Discount) Rueda entera Aprox. 6.16 lb (15% Discount)
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