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This cold veggie and codfish salad is one of the most typical dishes of Catalan gastronomy.

30 min
60 min refrigerate
3 servings

  200 g of desalted cod

  1 medium chive

  ¼ red pepper

  ¼ green pepper

  1 1/2 tomato

  black olives Serpis

  black pepper

  Extra virgin olive oil.

1  Blanch and peel the tomato. Remove the seeds and cut it into small cubes.

2  Chop the chives. Cut the peppers into small cubes.

3  Put everything in a bowl, add the black olives and mix.

4  Crumble the desalted cod with your fingers and add it to the bowl. Dress with abundant olive oil and freshly ground black pepper. Put to cool.

Desalinate cod: Put the cod in cold water and leave for 48 hours in the refrigerator, changing the water every 8 hours.

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Dry Salted Cod - Bacalao Dry Salted Cod - Bacalao 2
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Dry Salted Cod - Bacalao

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Bacalao de Canada North Atlantic Jumbo Tasting notes With a low-fat content, the meat is white and has a firm texture.Dry Salted Cod Fillet clean, without skin or thorns. Cooking tip: Before consumption, it must be desalted by soaking in cold water for about 24/48 hours before cooking.    ESQUEIXADA DE BACALAO
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Serpis Whole Cacereña Black Olives

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Aceitunas Negras con HuesoThe Black Olives from Caceres are one of the most prestigious and best quality varieties of black olives. Their delicate flavor and texture make these olives a reference in quality.    ESQUEIXADA DE BACALAO
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Oleoestepa EVOO Hojiblanca D.O. Estepa 750ml

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Hojiblanca is the main variety of olives in our region. It has a very fresh aroma, full of fruity green olive notes, freshly cut grass, olive leaf, with hints of apple and artichoke. On the palate the oil gives a very fresh feel in the mouth with a delicate but elegant spicy and bitterness that are well balanced. This oil is ideal for seasoning vegetables...

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