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Pujadó Solano, Cantabrian Anchovies and More!

Pujado Solano is a spanish brand which produces canned seafood from Santoña (Cantabria). Cantabrian anchovies, spanish white anchovies and white tuna come from this well-known coast. Among our fine foods are anchovies in olive oil, fished, dried and packed in our factory. The  same fish (called “bocarte” in Spain) marinated in vinegar becomes white anchovy fillets. This item is considered also as a gourmet product, well-known around our country and abroad. Another kind of fish that Cantabric Sea brings to us is white tuna (tunnus alalunga). Its origin is close to tuna, but its texture is tastier and more delicate. Canned white tuna in olive oil are Pujado’s fresh products according to season (fished from spring to early summer).

Our goal to open the variety of quality products makes us adding mussels, home-made tapenade, “banderillas” with white anchovy fillets, home-made brandade, mediterranian olives, and cured salty anchovies. The last product mentioned is one of the more demanded from the most recognized spanish restaurants and appreciated on most elaborated international recipes.

Our family becomes involved and concerned about fish preservation. For that reason we work day by day on maintaining our MSC international distinction. MSC accreditation considers fish preservation methods in order to protect ecosistem.

We are aware of how important is taking care of sea environment.

These many reasons make our canned food products considered as fine food.

MSC and  Pujadó Solano  interferes in the sustainability of the environment, because of it we are for time already fulfilling the basic

beginning for the standard of the MSC, this certification is one of the eco the most demanding labels of the world.

The MSC is a rigorous process that possesses more than 28 indicators of performance and is divided between this three beginning:

1. Sustainable populations. The fishing activity must be to the level in which one assures that it can continue indefinitely

2. To minimize the environmental impact. The fishing operations must be managed so that they support the structure, productivity and function and diversity of the ecosystem.

3. Better Management. The fishery must fulfill the pertinent laws and have a system of effective management that could react

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