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Piquillo Pepper in Strips
Piquillo Pepper in Strips
Piquillo Pepper in Strips 780g Bajamar
Piquillo Pepper in Strips
Piquillo Pepper in Strips

Piquillo Pepper in Strips 780g Bajamar

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Perfects as a garnish for meat, you only need to heat them and enjoy their magnificent flavor. Apart from this use, in a salad, cold, or to be placed on baked potatoes, to go with eggs or even to give some color and flavor to the rice. Try to add them to your favorite meat sandwich; you’ll love it.

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Difference between piquillo pepper and bell pepper:
Bell Pepper: It is a sweet, fleshy, hard skinned pepper that is consumed fresh or preserved. The red peppers of the variety morrón are delicious roasts, with a little extra virgin olive oil. Perfect to accompany dishes such as salads, paella, stews ...
Piquillo peppers, which are always consumed together. There is only one piquillo pepper that is under the Denomination of Origin (DO) Navarra. These peppers are small, consistent meat, very standardized pyramidal shape and unique flavor and aroma. Slight itching. They are roasted in direct flame furnaces, peeled, descorazonados and the seeds removed by hand, without immersing them in water or chemical solutions and packed in their own juice. Ideal for preparing fillings (cod, tuna, ...), mousse, hummus ...

Red "piquillo" peppers, water, salt, sugar, and citric acid.
1 Reviews

red bell peppers
these red bell peppers are just amazing

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