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A tapa that will surprise even the most demanding guests. Accompany it with some mussels.

40 min
3 servings


EVOO Oleoestepa

Salt and black pepper


Mullet roe Salazones Garre.

1  Cut the tomatoes into small cubes, season them with EVOO, salt and pepper and place them in the bottom of small glasses.

2  Make a puree with the avocado pulp and a little grated mullet roe. Place on top of the tomatoes and finish with thin slices of mullet.


Use a ripe avocado for a creamy texture.

Recipe MARIE-LAURE TOMBINI - Salazones Garre

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Dry-Cured Mullet Roe Dry-Cured Mullet Roe 2
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Dry-Cured Mullet Roe

Conservas y Salazones Garre
Ref. 7997
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Considered the caviar of the Mediterranean, it is the most appreciated roe for its intense and pleasant sea flavor. A very nutritious product because it is rich in omega 3 acid, proteins, vitamins and serotonin, which is used to create tasty and original recipes for starters and main dishes. In Japan it is called Karasumi and is given as a symbol of...
Oleoestepa EVOO D.O. Estepa 1L Oleoestepa EVOO D.O. Estepa 1L 2
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Oleoestepa EVOO D.O. Estepa 1L

Ref. 3004
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A wise combination of the varieties grown in the regio with an excellent organoleptic result, with green olive fruitiness and hints of ripe olive; very fresh but delicate. Aromas of freshly cut grass, with pleasant hints of almond. On the palate, avour of green olive leaf, Apple and green almond, with an elegant balance of bitterness and pungency. This...

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