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15 min
4 servings

50 ml Badia Vinagres Castell Gardeny apple balsamic vinegar

250 ml olive oil

Spinach sprouts

1 pomegranate

2 conference pears


Idiazábal cheese

Ground pistachios


1 To begin with, make the vinaigrette by mixing oil, Badia Vinagres Castell Gardeny apple balsamic vinegar, a pinch of salt and ground pistachios..

2Deseed the pomegranate and cut the pears into slices.

3Make a few Idiázabal cheese shavings with a knife. On a plate arrange some spinach sprouts, the pear slices, some pomegranate seeds, some quince cubes and Idiazábal cheese shavings

4Dress it with the pistachio vinaigrette and we can serve it.

Original recipe created by Sonia from the blog PAVISUCRE

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