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20 min
1 egg per person



Dry-Cured Mullet Roe GARRE



Black Pepper


1  Cook eggs, cut them in halves and mix the yolk with the mayonnaise, squid ink, salt, pepper and EVOO

2 Place in a piping bag and fill each half of the egg, put a thin slice of dry-cured mullet roe. 


Sprinkle with grated cooked yolk.

Recipe provided by Salazones GARRE.

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Dry-Cured Mullet Roe Dry-Cured Mullet Roe 2
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Dry-Cured Mullet Roe

Conservas y Salazones Garre
Ref. 7997
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Considered the caviar of the Mediterranean, it is the most appreciated roe for its intense and pleasant sea flavor. A very nutritious product because it is rich in omega 3 acid, proteins, vitamins and serotonin, which is used to create tasty and original recipes for starters and main dishes. In Japan it is called Karasumi and is given as a symbol of...
Cuttlefish Ink 4 units Cuttlefish Ink 4 units 2
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Cuttlefish Ink 4 units

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Squid Ink can come from almost any cephalopod, and some sources are squid, cuttlefish, and octopus. The ink from Cuttlefish is used as a food coloring and flavoring, providing a very dark black color and a slightly salty tasting flavor to foods. Nortindal’s cuttlefish ink is ideal for seasoning dishes such as fish, rice, pasta, bread and croquettes. Its...
EVOO Cornicabra Garcia de la Cruz
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García de la Cruz EVOO Cornicabra 750ml

Aceites Garcia de la Cruz
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Aceite de Oliva Cornicabra Extra Virgen Our oil, intensely green, and with a fresh fruity taste, is known for its aromas of apple and almond and other fruits including citric, kiwi and avocado. Very agreeable to the palate, bitter in moderation, in all a complex but well balanced olive oil. Net Weight: 26.4floz/750ml glass

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