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A tapa that will surprise even the most demanding guests. Accompany it with some mussels.

40 min
1 day soak the cod
3 servings

Codfish crumbs 300g

6 eggs

Green bell pepper 2 units

Red bell pepper 2 units

Onion 2 units

Garlic cloves 1 unit

1 Soak the cod the previous evening and keep in the refrigerator and change the water several times.

2 Chopping the garlic cloves. Cut the spring onion and the peppers in strips. We take a frying pan with oil and sauté the vegetables until they are soft, add the crumbled cod and let it cook all together for five minutes.

2 Beat the eggs, add salt and then add them to the frying pan. Add a little chopped parsley, let the omelette set, transfer to a plate and serve hot.


You can make a single omelet with all six eggs by flipping the omelet instead of folding it over or by making individual omelets of two eggs each.

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Dry Salted Cod
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Dry Salted Cod - Bacalao

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Bacalao de Canada North Atlantic Jumbo Weight: 1lbTasting notes With a low-fat content, the meat is white and has a firm texture.Dry Salted Cod Fillet clean, without skin or thorns.    ESQUEIXADA DE BACALAO

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