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Seville Bitter Orange Body Oil
Seville Bitter Orange Body Oil

Seville Bitter Orange Body Oil

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The oil texture is ideal to provide your body with the hydration it needs. Its delicate fragrance envelops your body, providing an immediate sensation of well-being. Intensive Antioxidant Body Care for all skin types. Helps prevent premature skin aging.
Relaxing and moisturizing oil with Seville bitter orange essence.
Moisturizes, regenerates and illuminates. E
External use. 98% natural ingredient.


Indications: For all skin types.
Suggested use: For daily.

Cosmetics based on bitter orange

Paraben free
All of our unique products are based on the brand’s active ingredient-essential oil of the Sevillian bitter orange. Based on light textures, immediate moisturizing and quick absorption, leaving skin velvety and slightly perfumed.

HEALTH The active ingredient, the essential oil of the Sevillian bitter orange, makes this cosmetic product unique. Its innovative textures apply the toning, moisturizing and revitalizing benefits of the bitter orange directly to your skin, becoming a basic daily element of personal care. Benditaluz adapts its formulas to all types of skin and all individual needs for a perfect result at any age. Benditaluz is made possible through new concepts, new technologies, original packaging, innovative recipes, exclusive ingredients and surprising textures.

PROMISE Sincere cosmetics. The secret is simple: high quality raw material, a large research laboratory, a realistic promise and reasonable prices. Our active ingredients are highly concentrated thus we naturally obtain a high quality cosmetic product. Backed by clinical trials through which we test our products, we choose to communicate their effectiveness in the short and long terms versus making exaggerated promises.

INNOVATION Our products are based on active ingredients of high purity and high cosmetic value, free of animal waste or toxins that can harm the skin. We produce functional, practical, comfortable and easy to wear products. With light textures, immediate hydration and quick absorption that leave the skin silky and lightly scented. Our products have multiple properties and benefits that help in the care, regeneration and extension of youthful skin.

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