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Aurora Pedro Ximénez
Aurora Pedro Ximénez
Aurora Pedro Ximénez
Aurora Pedro Ximénez
Aurora Pedro Ximénez
Aurora Pedro Ximénez
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Aurora Pedro Ximénez

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D.O. Jerez-Xérès-Sherry

Dessert Pedro Ximénez of exceptionally fine texture and aroma, with a silky sweetness that is light on its feet due to long aging in Sanlúcar’s moderate, humid seaside conditions.

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The wide and varied range of Sherry Wines could be seen as a faithful reflection of the long history and friendly, welcoming character of the Andalusian people, who pride themselves on pleasing, and adapting to , their customers and visitors. Hence the frequent claim that there is a Sherry to suit every taste and every occasion. Sherry Wines have sensory characteristics whose variations and nuances are rarely matched elsewhere in the wine world. They range in colour from the palest, clearest greenish yellow of the biologically aged wines to the darker, more opaque mahogany of the natural sweet wines, with various shades of gold, amber and chestnut brown in between.

San Lucar de Barrameda (Cadiz)
1 Reviews

Vino de Jerez
El vino de Jerez este esta buenisimo, el sabor es afrutado y el aroma intenso

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