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Bath Gel Marseillais

Bath Gel Marseillais

2 Reviews
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400 ml

The mandarin acts as a protector against the external agents of the skin thanks to its components and the cause of the disease for its benefits against some alterations of the skin. The Tangerine and Lime Shower Gel gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Light and easy to rinse, its foam releases a citrus aroma with tangerine notes. Its fresh and acidulated notes will seduce the whole family. The skin will be soft, hydrated and fresh.

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Tangerines and limes fill the valleys of Provence with their orchards. The refreshing and stimulating flavor of tangerines and limes has an invigorating and revitalizing aroma. Both fruits are full of vitamin C.

2 Reviews

Marseillais gel
the smell of this gel is just so amazing and fresh, definitely a must buy

este gel es tan bueno y huele tan bien, yo se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo

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