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20 min

1 can white tuna belly  

2 potatoes 

1 egg

1 avocado

Olive oil

6 dried tomatoes

Spring onion

1 tangerine

For the vinaigrette

Black olives

Roasted red bell pepper

Spring onion

Red wine vinegar

Olive oil

1 To make the vinaigrette, finely chop 8 pitted olives, half a roasted bell pepper and half a spring onion. Cover with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Set aside.

2 Boil 2 potatoes and an egg. Once ready, dice them together with the flesh of an avocado, a third of the canned light tuna belly, the sun-dried tomatoes and half a spring onion. Mix well and drizzle with the juice of a mandarin orange.

Preparation "montadito"

3 To assemble the dish, form a circle with the vegetables with the help of a cooking ring, arranging the rest of the tuna belly slices on top, without draining them too much. Serve the timbale with the vinaigrette previously prepared.


 Allow to cool in the refrigerator

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