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Sidra (Cider)
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Sidra (Cider) by El Gaitero

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El Gaitero’s classic traditional sparkling cider. Production of this unique cider which is renowned around the world began in the late 19th century. It is an exceptional sparkling drink produced using traditional methods and boasting a rich aroma as well as fine bubble beads.


Colour: Straw yellow with abundant bubbles.
Aroma: Frank and fragrant with a bouquet of apple and peach forming a delightful combination.
Flavour: The initial crispness and clearly defined acidity gradually gives way to a fulsome flavour with a lingering, highly personal finish.

Suitable for light meals and ideal to accompany deserts.

- Three stars (maximum score) in the "Medium" category of ciders from outside Japan in bottles of more than 500ml, in the Japan Cider Awards competition (Japan), September 2019.

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2 Reviews

Outstanding Cider..!
I highly recommend this cider to everybody. Outstanding taste and quality..!

Sidra El Gaitero
Todavia recuerdo el anuncio de esta sidra desde que era pequeño. "Sidra el gaitero, famosa en el mundo entero" la mejor sidra que hay

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