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List of products by brand LEGUMBRES LUENGO

Luengo Cooked Chickpea Beans Luengo Cooked Chickpea Beans 2
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Luengo Cooked Chickpea Beans

Ref. 6023
1 Reviews
Cooked chickpeas (Garbanzos Cocidos) have a place of honour in the list of practical foodstuff. They are healthy and flavourful, a great source of fibre and can fix a first course or a side dish in seconds…. And if that’s not enough, they are delicious.
Luengo Cooked "Fabada" Beans Luengo Cooked "Fabada" Beans 2
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Luengo Cooked "Fabada" Beans

Ref. 6022
1 Reviews
Alubias de Fabada PrecocinadasNet Weight: 20.2oz Very suitable for preparing bean stews "Fabada".
 Ideal for a starter, side dish or salad. 
Luengo Cooked "Granja"... Luengo Cooked "Granja"... 2
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Luengo Cooked "Granja" Butter Beans

Ref. 6018
2 Reviews
Alubias PrecocinadasThis large bean is noted for its taste and texture. Ideal for eating cold or warm. Can be served as creams, as a starter or as a side dish.
Luengo Spanish Cooked... Luengo Spanish Cooked... 2
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Luengo Spanish Cooked Pardinas Lentils DOP

Ref. 6024
These lentils are the best friends of fine palates and tight agendas: rich and soft, they solve in minutes a hot first dish, a salad or a side dish. To always have on hand.Net Weight: 20.2oz
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