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Premium Dry-Cured Tuna Loin "Mojama"...
Premium Dry-Cured Tuna Loin "Mojama"...
Premium Dry-Cured Tuna Loin "Mojama"...
Premium Dry-Cured Tuna Loin "Mojama"...
Premium Dry-Cured Tuna Loin "Mojama"...

Premium Dry-Cured Tuna Loin "Mojama" Whole

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Tuna mojama is an artisanal food. At Salazones Garre we select the best tuna to offer you an extraordinary quality mojama. The loins are cut by hand and salted in natural sea salt, from the Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar. The recommended presentation for our mojama is accompanied by a good fresh salad, it is also very appetizing as a starter, appetizer or tapa, for its easy preparation as it is a ready-to-eat product.

Only the best is chosen, guaranteeing a distinct flavor. Yellowfin tuna loin contains enormous amounts of protein, a source of energy, as well as vitamin D, Omega 3 and Selenium, giving it unique properties and making it highly beneficial for our health.

Mojama - Yellowfin Tuna Loins 1,5lb

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In 1983, Salazones Garre was born, a family company that produces salted fish. Following this tradition, Salazones Garre elaborates these products in a natural way, without added preservatives or colorants, using a first quality raw material, sea salt from the Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar as the only preservative and using the highest food technology and the most accurate quality and hygiene controls: Tuna Mojama, Mullet Roe and Ling.

Yellowfin tuna loin (97%), and natural sea salt (3%).
1 Reviews

great for salmorejo
I am from sevilla and I am used to eat salmorejo a lot on summer, so, whenever I want to prepare some, I stop by La Española and get some mojama to add to it.

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