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Hida Andalusian Organic... Hida Andalusian Organic... 2
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Hida Andalusian Organic Gazpacho Soup

Ref. 6219
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Typical dish of the Mediterranean diet, also with organic ingredients. Natural source of vitamins, lycopene, fiber and minerals. Hida has produced a tasty gazpacho 100% organic, which only fresh ingredients, without preservatives or colorings and it does not need preservation in the refrigerator. Serve cold and you will enjoy all the flavor of the...
Tomato Puree w/Extra Virgin... Tomato Puree w/Extra Virgin... 2
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Net Weight: 220gr/7.8oz HIDA Traditional dish of the Mediterranean Diet, natural source of vitamins, lycopene, fiber and minerals. Hida has developed a tasty gazpacho that does not require refrigerator preservation.
Fried Tomato and Onion/... Fried Tomato and Onion/... 2
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Fried Tomato and Onion/ Sofrito Casero

Ref. 6228
Sofrito Tomate y Cebolla Estilo CaseroMade from the finest selection of tomatoes and onions, all fried with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with sugar and salt. It is a healthy dish and taste truly homemade.A healthy product as a complement to countless recipes and serves as a base for stews giving them the authentic homemade flavor of Hida.
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