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Happy Night Herbal Infusion Carmencita - 1

Happy Night Herbal Infusion

2 Reviews

The Goodnight infusion of Carmencita is a soft blend of lemon balm, orange blossom, chamomile, linden and fennel, a perfect union of herbs that calm and reduce stress and provide a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Net Weight: 1.13oz/32g
20 Tea Bags

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Close your eyes and imagine you have had a hot bath, have read a couple of pages from an interesting book. The bedroom is dark, and you can't hear any noise, Silence and peace reign. Put your Carmencita herbal tea on the night table. We have chosen these herbs for you, and we have made them into a hot cup of sweet dreams. You only have to include them in your everyday life.

Enjoy a restful sleep and get up full of energy!

2 Reviews

Best relaxation
Drink this tea every night, I am so happy with my sleep.

tea to help you sleep
I have been having trouble sleeping the entire night and since I am taking this I go to sleep better and I can sleep the entire night at once

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