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Redondo Iglesias -   The Experience of 4 generations of "Maestros Jamoneros"

The personal commitment of Redondo Iglesias to the traditional way of elaborating fine jamón began in 1920. The Redondo family is loyal to tradition while it also applies the most advanced technologies to meet the highest quality control standards, which result in the achievement of a Premium fine product in all its aspects. Our commitment to quality and excellence in our products, has positioned the company in the International market, converting ourselves in the authentic Brand Ambassadors.  

Ham Shavings
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Ends and Shavings Imported Hams

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Maximum 2 units

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Maximum 2 units

Net Weight:  1lbs/16oz Puntas de JamonOdd and end leftover ham pieces; cut into cubes to add to your favorite dish and/or eat as is.
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