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La Española Meats Paella Kit
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La Española Meats Paella Kit
La Española Meats Paella Kit
La Española Meats Paella Kit

La Española Meats Paella Kit

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85,95 $

Standard paella kit for 6 people 


Standard paella kit for 6 people includes the following:

A 13½ inch polished steel paella pan from Valencia

A 2.64oz can of Pimentón Dulce (mild paprika) from Murcia

A 2g jar of La Mancha Saffron from Albacete

A 2.25oz jar of Colorante (paella coloring) from Valencia

A 1/2kg (1.1lb) bag of Arroz Bomba, DOP, from Valencia

A 500ml bottle of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Andalucia

A 6.5oz jar of fire-roasted Piquillo Peppers from Navarra

A 3oz package of semi-cured Doña Juana brand Chorizo Bilbao

All of the above delicacies in a beautiful La Española Meats gift box plus Doña Juana's own paella recipe!

Don't forget a great bottle of Spanish red or rosado and Buen Provecho!

1 Reviews

perfect kit
if you want to give someone a good gift that they can use many times and have a great memory of you, this is the gift you want

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