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How wonderful the spoon dishes. Those that cooked over a slow fire feed even the soul.

2 hours
4/5 servings

500g Asturias beans “Tierrina Vaqueira”

1 pack compango or 1 morcilla / 2 chorizos / bacon

2 units cloves of garlic

1 unit onion


Virgen Olive Oil

1 unit bay leaf Salt

1  We put the beans “Tierrina Vaqueira” in cold water, 10 to 12 hours before in a casserole proportionate to the quantities so that they are well covered with water.

2  Put the beans with the blood sausages, the chorizos, the bacon or bacon, the garlic (well chopped), the bay leaf, the whole onion and a splash of oil (all cold).

3  It is put to slow fire and broken the boiling they are frothed and they are left to cook slowly a little uncovered, trying that the beans are always covered with water.

4  Let them cook for one hour. Cold water will be added from time to time in small quantities to cut the boiling. The saffron is added and it is left half an hour more. (it can need some more time). Finally salt is rectified.

5 It is convenient to move from time to time so that they do not stick to the bottom. Remove the onion and let it rest for half an hour before serving.


Asturian fabada “tastes better the next day” after it has been cooked. It is usually served in an earthenware dish or casserole with the pieces of cooked Asturian compango served separately in a bowl, so that each diner can serve himself as he likes. If you want to complete an Asturian menu, to drink a glass of sidrina, as an appetizer some chorizos a la sidra.

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