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40 min
3 servings

1 ripe tomato

1 Maxorata semi-cured cheese

1 bunch coriander

200 ml Arbequina olive oil

200 ml tomato juice


 Picona pepper

 Salt flakes

 Aromatic herbs

1 With a cutter, make a cylinder in the cheese and cut into 1.5mm circles in the slicer. Slice the tomato in the slicer and make circles with the same cutters; set aside. .

2 Mix the tomato juice with the pepper, paprika and the cumin. Leave to freeze in the freezer to make a sorbet.

3 To make the coriander oil, blanch the herb in boiling water and cool quickly, dry and mix with the oil.

4 To assemble the dish, add alternating slices of tomato and cheese in the cutter until the desired height is reached. Add sauce to the plate, place the salad in the centre and finish with a scoop of ice cream and the aromatic herbs.


Receta: Chef José Rojano

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