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One of the hallmarks of La Española is the extensive assortment of wines, sparkling wines and spirits that we have in stock. For this reason, the best restaurateurs in our area entrust us with their winery so that we can manage the best products according to each circumstance. We invite you to see our extensive catalog of articles and try to search among a universe of possibilities, always with the guarantee of finding a high quality product

La Kika Manzanilla La Kika Manzanilla 2
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La Kika Manzanilla

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D.O. Manzanilla - Sanlúcar de Barrameda Bottle 37,5cl Grape musts Chamomile impossible, to the limit of biological breeding under the eternal flower veil. Two years of static aging and 9 nurseries. It represents the essence of the albariza, the floors of centenary boots and the care and dedication in a winery of Sanlúcar. The best of the wines of...
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