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soTaroni PX Sweet Wine Vinegar 25 Yr Gran Reserva 200ml Sotaroni-Torrevella - 1

soTaroni PX Sweet Wine Balsamic Vinegar 25 Yr Gran Reserva 200ml

1 Reviews

Vinagre Balsámico Gran Reserva
Net Weight:
6% Acidity

An exceptional quality vinegar, aged in American oak berrels for 25 years.

It has a strong mahogany color, softly sweet and sour flavor, and a thicker and more surrounding density.

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wine vinegar.

It is recommended to make sweet and sour sauces, unique salads and desserts.
1 Reviews

A great add to your food
This product is a great addition to your salads and also to eat with toasts and avocado on top

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