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Liquid gold. This is considered extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), a treasure of nature. Spain is the king as far as liquid gold is concerned, it is the country with the highest production and consumption of this coveted food. This is demonstrated year after year by the ranking of the Best Olive Oils in the World, which for three years has crowned the same Spanish oil consecutively and this edition has 7 Spanish oils in its top 10.

Garcia de la Cruz Organic EVOO 500ml Miller
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Extra virgin olive oil from olive trees free of fertilizers and chemical pesticides. It preserves intact all its vitamins and organoleptic properties. Its intense fruitiness gives this oil a character of its own.Oil with almond, fresh grass, kiwi and apple tones. It has a dense and enduring body with medium-high values of bitter and spicy notes.
EVOO Cornicabra Zarbalea 5L
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Aceite de Oliva Cornicabra Extra Virgen Our oil, intensely green, and with a fresh fruity taste, is known for its aromas of apple and almond and other fruits including citric, kiwi and avocado. Very agreeable to the palette, bitter in moderation, in all a complex but well balanced olive oil. Net Weight: 169 fl.oz/5L in a plastic bottle
GARCIA DE LA CRUZ Organic EVOO in Dorica Glass Bottle 250ml GARCIA DE LA CRUZ Organic EVOO in Dorica Glass Bottle 250ml 2
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Aceite de Oliva Extra Virgen Organico Aromatizado Garcia de la CruzGarlic, Basil, Hot Chili, LemonExcellent combination between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and garlic, basil, hot chili or lemon flavor that will give an original and fun touch to your dishes. Ideal for salads, pastas, pizzas, rice, sauces and even meat and fish.Net Weight: 4 x 8.4fl.oz/250ml
EVOO Cornicabra Quijote IV Centenario Special Edition 500ml
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Aceite de Oliva Cornicabra Extra Virgen A tribute to our most illustrious ambassador in the IV centenary of the publication of "El Quijote."Bottle with a metal frame shaped of a cardboard box "Quixote." Packaging design is commemorating the fourth anniversary of Don Quixote.Net Weight: 16.9floz/500ml Boxed & ready for gift
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