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No Christmas Without Turron, that's the truth. Just like there is no Christmas without a tree, without carols, without the Nativity scene or colorful lights.

We are aware that times have changed and that, unlike our grandmothers who started months before Christmas Eve to prepare for the Christmas holidays (with killing included), we live Christmas differently.

Traditionally, Christmas was a family time that many people took advantage of to get together again.We imagine that you remember some TV spot in which the reunion was the best thing.

Now, however, we live Christmas more with friends, even, we take advantage of those days to travel, escape from the routine and 'run away' to warmer latitudes.

Many of you, for sure, do not conceive Christmas without cold, without snow, without a smoking fireplace and without a reindeer sweater.

But things have changed here too... The only thing that hasn't changed is the nougat. At Pablo Garrigós Ibáñez we follow tradition and make our turróns just like our grandparents did, and our grandparents' grandparents.

We strive to maintain the essence of our family and the turrones with the quality seal IGP Jijona and Turrón de Alicante, endorsed by the Regulatory Council.

These turrones are the ones that have always been on the tables of every home at Christmas, receiving and celebrating, for more than 500 years.

Even though things have changed a lot, one thing is clear: No Christmas Without Turron.

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